DAVO Sweep & Save

sweep and save

A cash management tool that automatically sets money aside daily and returns it to you monthly.

Choose a dollar amount or percentage of your daily sales and DAVO Sweep & Save will automatically set funds aside daily.  Funds are redeposited into your account on or about the first day of each month.

  • Daily automated cash management is a proven strategy for saving money
  • Spend less time managing cash and more time building your business
  • Set money aside daily ensuring funds are available for recurring monthly payments such as rent or equipment financing
  • It’s easier to put aside $33.33/day for a month than it is to come up with $1000 once a month!!
  • Fund utility bills, tax payments or pay yourself with a percentage of daily sales
  • Funds are only set aside on the days you are open for business

Automatically set money aside daily and returns it to you monthly

Just $19.99/month

Collections start on the day after you
sign up.

DAVO sends a daily email tracking savings activity and disbursements.

You must be a DAVO Sales Tax customer to enroll in DAVO Sweep & Save.

Disbursement payment comes back to you by the first of the month.

DAVO does not pay your bills for you, we disburse your payment back to you.

DAVO remits funds back to the same bank account debits are from.

Stress free, hassle free sales tax. Free for 30 days.