DAVO FranchisePay

Automatically collects franchise ad/royalty fees daily and remits weekly or monthly.

DAVO FranchisePay easily installs on your franchisee’s POS enabling DAVO to automatically collect ad/royalty fees daily. DAVO can collect either a percentage of total daily sales or specific categories of sales or a fixed dollar amount. Ad/royalty fees are paid to franchiser weekly or monthly.

Benefits of DAVO FranchisePay:

  • Daily automatic collection of ad/royalty fees
  • Reliable weekly/monthly payments to franchiser
  • Dedicated on-boarding support from team DAVO
  • Franchisee daily email reporting sales and ad/royalty fee transfers
  • Multi unit and multi app pricing discounts
  • FranchisePay dashboard showing:
    • daily sales data by franchise location
    • ad/royalty fees collected and dispersed

Please contact a member of the DAVO Franchisepay sales team at (888) 659-8432 for details.


DAVO easily integrates with your POS. Simple and easy set-up.

DAVO collects franchise royalty and advertising fees automatically on a daily basis.

DAVO pays you your royalty and advertising fees automatically on a weekly or monthly basis. Your choice.