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Automatically Collects, Files And Pays Your Sales Tax


Automatically sets aside sales tax funds daily, ensuring money is always available for payment of taxes.

DAVO easily integrates with your POS and accounting software. Simple and easy set-up.

DAVO files and pays your sales tax on time and in full.

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DAVO Sweep & Save
Sweep and Save

Cash Management for Monthly Needs


DAVO Sweep & Save automatically sets funds aside daily and returns them to you for your monthly needs.

DAVO can set aside funds on a daily basis for any and all of your recurring payments: Rent, utility bills, insurance, sellers notes, equipment leases, HSA & FSA funding, etc.

Choose a percentage of daily sales or a fixed dollar amount to be set aside daily.

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DAVO Savings Club
Sweep and Save

Annual Savings Plan: Automatically Save for Once-A-Year Expenses


DAVO Savings Club automatically sets funds aside daily and then returns them to you mid-December for your year-end needs.

Sock away money for holiday expenses, year-end bonuses or to keep your own savings plan on track.

Choose a percentage of daily sales or a fixed dollar amount to be set aside daily.

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New DAVO Products

DAVO Back Tax

Get Caught Up On Back Taxes

DAVO Back Tax gets you current by automatically setting aside funds daily to pay back sales tax.

Choose a specific dollar amount or a percentage of daily sales.

Gentle, Automatic, Easy. Let us help you get back to even.

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DAVO FranchisePay for Franchisors

DAVO FranchisePay

Easily integrates with the POS system used by your franchisees.

Automatically collects franchise royalty and advertising fees on a daily basis.

Transfers those fees to you weekly or monthly—your choice.

Requires pre-approval from franchisor.

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To get started, franchisors call 888-659-8432 for a free approval.

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