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DAVO Bridges Gap
DAVO easily integrates with your POS system.
Simple and easy set-up.
DAVO collects sales tax automatically on a daily basis. Better cash management ensures funds are always available for payment.
DAVO files and pays your sales tax on-time and in full.
Automatic, Effortless, Seamless.
DAVO – Your Simplified Sales Tax Solution
DAVO was created to solve the pain points associated with the payor/payee relationship. Whether it’s a small to mid-sized merchant looking to simplify their sales & use tax payment method, a state government looking to collect sales & use tax securely, or a franchisor looking to streamline the collection of franchise royalty and advertising fees, DAVO has the solution. Our process is passive, seamless, and automatic.

  • DAVO for Merchants
    Our technology takes the whole process off your hands, so you never have to worry about how much or when to pay sales tax again.
  • DAVO for Government
    Our process has a patented methodology for the passive collection of both current and back sales & use tax owed to the tax authorities.


  • DAVO FranchisePayTM
    Seamlessly funds the franchisor daily with royalty and advertising fee payments from each franchisee. Removes the headache of reconciliation timelines and remittance preparation for franchisees while removing the need for weekly/monthly reporting.